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CECC Cemetery Ministry

CECC owns and maintains a cemetery as a ministry for both members of the church as well as those in the community who are not members. All members that remain in good standing with the church are allotted free grave sites for themselves. The cemetery has been established for many years, and as such things were allowed initially that are not allowed today. These items were expressed in our Cemetery Rules and Regulations as noted on our Certificate of Internment. An example of these documents are below. Please note that grave sites are allocated to individuals for the 'right' of internment, ownership and control of the graves and the cemetery remain solely with CECC. 

Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations were adopted by the Crane Eater Community Church Pastor’s Council on August 16, 2020 to be effective for grave lots purchased on or after August 17, 2020.

  • Burial estates or grave spaces to be available at the discretion of the CECC Cemetery Committee Chairperson.
  • A charge of $0 per grave space will be assessed to adult members of Crane Eater Community Church and a charge of $300 per grave space will be assessed to non-member husband or wife and unmarried adult children of the church member. All fees to be paid to the chairman of the Cemetery Committee. 
  • Limit of purchase not to exceed eight (8) grave spaces, unless otherwise approved by Cemetery Committee. A single grave size is 3 feet wide x 7 feet long. A double grave size is 7 feet wide and 7 feet long.
  • Only members of the lot owner’s immediate family, as stated above, shall have privilege of interment. 
  • The grave lots purchased remain the real and personal property of Crane Eater Community Church and are designated for interment purposes only. 
  • Crane Eater Community Church shall have the right to exercise sole option on any property which is not used, redeemable at original value. No sale or transfer can be made by individuals without authorization by the Cemetery Committee Chairperson.
  • Head markers:
    • Single Grave: must not exceed 14” x 24” with an 18” x 28” base
    • Double Grave: must not exceed 14” x 48” companion marker with 18” x 72” base. 
  • Vault made of concrete asphalt with reinforced steel and/or grave liner must be installed. 
  • Foot markers or corner markers permitted only within the grave space and must be installed at ground level. Benches or any other seating devices are not permitted. 
  • Coping, walls, gravel, or any other material is NOT permitted on graves in any section. For mowing and upkeep purposes, only grass is allowed in and on the gravesite, along with a headstone, footstone, or corner markers. Footstones and corner markers must be ground level. 
  • No type of memorials may be left on the gravesites. This includes but is not limited to, lights of any type, wind chimes, planted trees, planted flowers or bushes, statues, or figurines. 
  • Flowers, real or artificial must be put in a container that is part of the headstone, or in a device that holds the flower arrangement on the top of the headstone. None can be placed on the ground, in or around the gravesite. 
  • Markers must be erected at grave spaces within a period not to exceed twelve (12) months of date of interment. 
  • The Cemetery Committee must be contacted through the Crane Eater Community Church office before any company or individual can place a marker or do any type of work in the cemetery. This includes any burial preparations on the property.
  • All flowers must be removed by the family no later than two (2) weeks after burial. This applies to all standing flowers and those laid on the grave at the time of burial. Family flowers are permitted as in paragraph 12 above. 
  • Extreme hardship cases will be given consideration by the Cemetery Committee. No burial space can be used until purchase is arranged and a Certificate of Ownership is given, unless approved by Cemetery Committee. 
  • Certificate of Ownership (Contractual Agreement) shall be issued for burial spaces purchased. 
  • Any alterations to a grave site, the cemetery proper or walkways will be removed by the Cemetery Committee. Any monetary cost associated with the removal of unauthorized grave usage or materials will be forwarded to the owner of the Certificate of Ownership. 


 Certificate of Interment Rights

Certificate Number:                 ___________________________

Name of Purchaser(s):

Name of Seller:

Interment Spaces:                   Section:                       Lot:                              Grave Number:

Purchase Price:                      $

The purchase price shall be paid:

$ __________ cash at the time of purchase. All sales are final and binding by both parties.

$ __________ per month beginning ______________ and ending ____________.

No interest will be charged if payments are made as set forth. The price set forth is guaranteed, absent Owner’s default of these payment terms. Interment(s) in the interment space(s) will not be permitted until the purchase price has been paid in full. The Cemetery will notify the Owner of any default. If payment is not received, the Cemetery shall have the right, 30 days after notification of the default, to revoke this agreement and retain all sums retained by it as liquidated damages.

The total purchase price shall be deposited in the Crane Eater Community Church General Fund and devoted to the cemetery’s care and maintenance. 

Conditions of Interment: 

1.        The interment space(s) is to be used for interment purposes only and the Purchaser’s rights are limited by and subject to the Cemetery’s rules and regulations as now existing or as amended in the future as set forth by the Crane Eater Community Cemetery Committee and approved by the Crane Eater Community Church Pastor’s Council. A single grave size is 3 feet wide x 7 feet long. A double grave size is 7 feet wide and 7 feet long.

Please initial that you have received a copy of the rules and regulations:_______.

2.        This certificate of interment rights conveys only a right to be interred in the interment space(s) and in no way is any real estate title conveyed to the Purchaser. Furthermore, only one interment will be permitted in the interment space unless specifically authorized by the Cemetery.

3.        Services related to interment in the interment space(s) are not included in the rights conveyed and are subject to the Cemetery’s service charges and availability. These charges will be determined at the time they are purchased and are subject to change.

4.        The Crane Eater Community Church must receive the following information prior to any interment or grave preparation takes place. The notice must include the name of the deceased, the deceased’s birth date, the deceased’s date of death, next-of-kin, funeral establishment (if any) and any other required information. 

5.        Purchaser has the right to sell and convey the interment space, but any transfer of ownership by will or otherwise will be recognized by the Cemetery only after it is recorded at the Cemetery and a new certificate of interment rights is issued to the new owner.

6.        The Cemetery shall use the Purchaser’s address for any official notices concerning the interment space. The purchaser shall notify the cemetery of any change in their address.

7.        The terms and conditions described herein are binding upon the Purchaser’s heirs, successors and assigns and enforceable only by the Crane Eater Community Church Cemetery. 

Purchaser’s Signature:

Purchaser’s Address:

Date:   __________________

Cemetery Representative Signature:

Title or Authorization:


Written inquires or complaints should be mailed to: Crane Eater Community Church, Attention: Barbara Garland, 3168 Red Bud Road NE, Calhoun, Ga. 30701