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Missions · Reaching the World for Christ

Crane Eater Community Church is fully committed to seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world and in the mission fields of our own community. In order to meet this commitment, CECC has chosen two major mission ministries abroad to support both financially and with short term mission trips by our congregants. Also, CECC wanted to be more intentional in our support of mission work. A step toward this goal was to establish Mission Directors at our church that would provide vision, focus, and oversight of all our mission activities. The Lord provided two people who have been very active in mission work and have a great love for all people of the world. Our Mission Directors are "JC" Coots and his wife Kim Coots. We are truly blessed that have taken on this great leadership role for our church.

One of our major mission thrust is to assist Global Outreach Assembly, centrally located in Kenya, Africa with financial resources and with volunteers to do short term mission trips. So far this year we have enabled GOA Kenya to arrange the finances to purchase additional land at a church in Tanzania that was in danger of being closed by government restrictions on the size of church property. CECC congregants giving enabled CECC to keep that church open and operating for the Kingdom of God in reaching the people of Tanzania with the Gospel through the preaching and teaching of the missionaries of GOA Kenya. You can see our FaceBook video update from Bishop David Munyiri of GOA Kenya here.

Our other major mission work is in the Central America country of Guatemala. Last year Sister Angela Irwin went with another group to Guatemala to conduct a Bible School week, assisted in a local nursing home, and in construction projects. They purchased and delivered food to needy families, shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and provided items for personal hygiene. This year we have twenty congregants who are committed to going back to Guatemala in July to do mission ministry in every capacity needed. We are also investigating our ability to provide clean drinking water in both countries in association with Living Water World Missions organization based out of Visalia, California. This is an effort that will be formalized this year for possible engagement by our church.

We have also chosen several community mission ministries. Locally we support the Red Bud Elementary "Good News Club" by hosting the after school activity with snacks, games, and CECC volunteer teachers that share the Word of God with the children. We also provide financial and physical support to the "Healing Hands Ministry" which is a free health services ministry located in the Red Bud Shopping Center. Several times a year, volunteer workers from CECC will assist the ministry in making repairs and improvements to the facility. Additionally, this year, we will be starting a new mission ministry of assistance to our local Red Bud Elementary school by providing teachers and staff both logistical and physical resources as they are needed in order to provide needs not supported by local BOE budgets. We are blessed to have a great working relationship with our local schools in Gordon County.

If you would like more information about our missionaries, or how you can get involved in our mission work, please email JC or Kim Coots.