North Georgia Theological Seminary


Sunday AM Sunday School at 10 am ; Children's Church and Worship at 11 am, and Wednesday at 7 PM.

A ministry of Crane Eater Community Church

Primary Mission

“To equip men and women to minister the Word of God with power, to heal the broken hearted, and to set the captives free.”


To provide quality, non-traditional education at an affordable price through educators who work in excellence, integrity, creativity, and honesty with the needs of the students as a priority.

Educational Philosophy

North Georgia Theological Seminary is committed to assisting the student to learn to live the spirit-led life. Through the local Seminary the student will learn sound balanced doctrine, how to use the Bible wisely and how to separate truth from error. The result should be spiritual growth, professional training, and a greater ability to serve Christ.

We encourage and equip men and women to go and develop special ministries in existing churches both in this area and overseas.

We encourage our students to be bold in their faith, always meditating on the Word of God, using the spiritual gifts, knowing the believer’s victory is in Christ, and displaying the confidence in the triumph of the Kingdom of God.


The Bible is unlike any other book in that you can read and enjoy the artistic beauty of its poetry, exciting action of the books of history and the drama of its prophets. You can look to the Bible for comfort, guidance, inspiration, and revelation. The Bible is truly more than this, is God’s special revelation, teaching us about Himself and pointing the way to salvation and eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ. The Bible speaks authoritatively to all our needs and desires and calls us to listen and obey.


Studying the Bible as a textbook is a vital part of growing to spiritual maturity and will make you more aware of God’s will for your life. As you draw closer, studying will become an act of worship

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