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You can read many of our Pastor's spiritual insights right here! Pastor Howard's blog will get you thinking and appreciating how God is working in our individual lives. Take a moment and ponder his thoughts. You can respond with a comment and begin a dialogue discussing how God is helping you and others to grow in Love - Prayer - Grace.

Jesus can heal your past

by: Paul Gay



From the desk of Pastor Howard Strickland:

The Creator marvelously fashioned our fleshly body in such an intricate way. God created your body to pretty much heal itself.

I’ve had some bad falls, including one crushed right-arm with pins resetting the bone. Falling off a horse once while hitting a metal mailbox—my nose dangled, the injury required many stitches.

I’ve bruised my face, hitting head-on into a brick fence, deep legs cuts and cracked several ribs. I’ll spare you the rest.

Again, God created the body to do its best to heal itself. If you think about it, our bodies are amazing!

However, there are… read more

Whose Really Listening In 2020 and Beyond?

by: Paul Gay



The last thing I need is another meeting for the sake of meeting. If honest, I’m sure you feel the same way. On the other hand, I love meetings that produce results.

One thing I’m aware of is, I’m not moved to action and especially change unless I hear and see results from the presenter.

I believe, enthusiasm breeds excitement. Just go and listen to someone who gives motivational speeches with success. Enthusiasm is the only climate the seeds of success will grow in. If you want others to get involved in your dreams and goals you must radiate an… read more

Why Crane Eater Community Church?

by: Paul Gay



Pondering upon Crane Eater Community Church, my thoughts go back over 100 years. Why, for this time and season, why Crane Eater Community Church? Why not?

Let me explain, going back to another era, things were simpler, men and women counted on the faithfulness of God. They believed God for a plentiful crop, and for their next meal. They also trusted God for their health, because, today’s drugs did not exist. Imagine, no preventive drugs.

They cut wood, baked pies, and stored for a rainy day. Greater than all of this, men and women, boys and girls, gathered together to seek… read more